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September 19, 2013
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Pokemon X And Y Anime - Serena by Animemissy123 Pokemon X And Y Anime - Serena by Animemissy123
Aww! It's Ash's fifth girlfriend in the anime! Psyche! It's Ash's childhood friend, but why would Serena be Ash's friend when they only just met? Well! Seems like to me that her personality might be like May and Dawn's! Maybe she could act like Misty and Iris a little bit... Let's see if Ash just kiss the girl in this season! What shipping will it be called for SerenaxAsh together? Haha... I think she's blushing in the Pokemon X And Y Anime poster. Could she be interested in Ash for this season? Nah... This is everyone's anime to be here about! It's just for kids. But it may have graphic violence. But not real ones like blood. She's a fashionable girl! Just like Rarity from MLP FIM! Yes yes... I'm mentioning ponies and it's not related to Pokemon, it'd be cool when she travels with Ash! Don't argue with him... Let's see how it all turns out! Bye!

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SurgeMaster18 Mar 11, 2014   Digital Artist
I don't see how people are already pairing up Ash and Serena? I mean she hasn't did anything interesting as of yet. I mean the whole Childhood friend thing is rather forced. And it just seems that the writers are going to give too much of it. 
I mean as of now Serena is rather boring and uninteresting. I mean it's been a while since she's been there and so far what she has over the other girls is she can bake, she's the teams navigator and she knows about Rhyhorn racing. Other than that, the other girls all had established stuff about them with at least 15 episodes in.

Misty= You learned she loves Water Pokemon, she's a Gym Leader and she has a sibling rivalry with her sisters and wants to prove herself as good as them, hates Bug Pokemon and is afraid of them. 

May= Confused about what she wants, didn't like Pokemon, saw contest loved them, then later she grows to like Pokemon. 

Dawn= Wants to be a contest winner like her mom, and wants to be as good as her

Iris= Came from a dragon village, wants to be a dragon master, is a Dragon Prodigy.

All of this we knew in at least under 15 episodes at the most. May might have taken longer, but yeah. All we know about Serena is she's Ash's childhood friend, and that plot is rather cliched and plus she has yet to actually do something or develop. Plus I feel as if this romance they're trying to pull with them is going to be rather forced or take up her character? Because as of right now she barley has anything to go for, other than baking and being a navigator. Even Bonnie has a personality than Serena. 

Now look I don't hate or have any problem with Serena, I just think people are going a bit too far with the whole forced romance they're trying to pull. To me until she has a complete goal, she's just okay to me. Although I will admit her design is really good. And Serena does look promising I can say that. I just hope her character and goal revolves around her and Ash's past. that would get boring and Serena have no character, I really want to see where they go with this character. 
Thank you for sharing your opinion, I feel like Amourshipping is forced too. Maybe the writers should work more on building Serena's character instead of putting her with Ash all of the sudden; Bonnie is developing very well, but sadly not her though. We've seen Childhood Friends already in several medias already and they never worked out anyway. 

On Misty, that's correct; we know how strong her team is, including herself; she built up on her character. I know she criticizes Ash too much, but she's just pointing his flaws out. 

For May, everyone has seen episode 1, May was reluctant; but grew fond of Pokemon after that decision; she's the coordinator that everyone knows. It took time for her to build up during the Advanced Saga.

In Dawn's side, she's the second coordinator including May; from having an untrustable companion, Piplup to her lovable partner. I'll always remember her optimistic attitude.

For Iris, she's the energetic trainer from the Village of Dragons; she couldn't trust others due to not having friends at her old home; she, like Misty would call Ash a kid, but her character built up during the Unova generation. 

Glad you expressed your thoughts about Serena, I think she's a little bland, but when newer episodes release, she might slightly improve; no goals for her won't be a flaw. But once the Kalos saga gets better, it won't be a problem at all.
cooleevee759 Mar 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
mind if i use this as a preview image?
TVnGames Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like Serena but I really don't want her and Ash to be together, I really don't.
True, not everyone has to like Amourshipping, it doesn't consider anyone butthurt at all. 
Awesomesauce6113 Jan 20, 2014  Student Artist
ash's 2nd girlfriend aka may from the pokemon ruby version is mine 
ash and serena know each other since they were younger at prof.oaks camp before the start of the series. man  serena  is hot anime girl 
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